Olympic Committee Looks to Provide Athletes with Extra Protection

With the 2016 Summer Olympics just kicking off in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, there’s already tons to talk about, some of those things being goofier than others. If you haven’t heard, U.S men’s basketball team member, Draymond Green, accidentally posted a NSFW dick pic to his snapchat, and the massive Zika outbreak in Brazil is getting more coverage than the actual Olympics. If you don’t know too much about 2016’s hottest virus, Zika, it’s a pretty nasty disease that gives severe flu-like symptoms. The dormant virus could more than likely lead to severe newborn defects if an infected female happened to become pregnant. The two methods of Zika-infection are through mosquito and sexual contact, and when you’re sending an entire team of top athletes into a Zika Virus epidemic zone with over 12,000 welcoming prostitutes preying on athletes, it’d be best to send them in with some kind of shielding.

That’s why the Olympics are providing every athlete with 46 condoms during the course of their stay, in case any of them feel the need to show their Brazilian fans some love during their time there. This is definitely a solid move on the Olympic committee’s part, as it’s well-documented just how much sex some athletes like to have when they’re in the thick of their athletic seasons. Take for example Mike Tyson, who claimed that he needed his security to stop him from bringing back multiple women to his hotel room when he was at the peak of his career, or Wilt Chamberlain, who claimed have slept with over 20,000 fans during his time playing basketball. Do you think 46 condoms will be enough over two weeks for the some of the event’s horniest athletes? Let’s just hope the competition can remain entertaining, Zika-free, and memorable for the next two weeks!

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