One Music Fest Was One to Remember

Atlanta is truly a 21st century hub of history, culture, and art. So when One MusicFest holds their annual event in the heart of Hotlanta every year, we can expect some truly memorable moments, not only on the music front, but on the fashion front as well. Going into their 6th installment, ONE MusicFest brought the heat in both the hip-hop and R&B department. 2016 Saw headlines from the legendary R&B/Jazz goddess, Erykah Badu, West Coast Hip-hop legend, Ice Cube, and a slew of popular classic acts like Busta Rhymes, Organized Noize, and Goodie Mob. Here are our favorite moments from the amazing weekend, in case you missed out. 

Coolest Hip-hop Head Moment: Goodie Mob + Big Boi + Cool Breeze

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It’s tough to pinpoint where certain genres of music get their start, but one that’s clear is the beginnings of Dirty South rap. In 1995, Big Boi (mainly known for his work with OutKast) grouped up with members of Goodie Mob (Cee-Lo, T-Mo, Khujo, and Big Gipp) for the record, “Dirty South.” It would go on to be one of the classic records that gave southern rap music its face and make the careers of both the acts blossom. At ONE this year, the 6 came on stage together to remind the crowd what came before all the Futures and Young Thugs of today.


Organized Noize Haven’t Lost a Single Step

To the younger rap fans of today may not be familiar with one of the higher names on the lineup, Organized Noize. A thriving presence of the 90’s rap movement, the Hip-Hop group, made up of Sleepy Brown, Rico Wade, and Ray Murray, showed they haven’t lost their touch for delivering an unforgettable show over the years. And we have to say, they looked damn good preforming in their Royal Blue Apparel and their own Organized Noize merchandise. 



A$AP Ferg Representing the New School

For 2016, ONE MusicFest wanted to let many of the legends of Hip-Hop and R&B shine, but that’s not to say there wasn’t some new school talent there as well. A$AP Mob member, A$AP Ferg, had the honor of playing a daytime set at the festival this year, and if you know anything about the Harlem rapper’s performances, you know he has anything but a chill set.


Erykah Badu and Dungeon Family


Bringing together the heaviest rap group at the festival and the most powerful singer brought a mixture of beauty and energy that can be missing at even the most stacked music festivals. At ONE, Erykah Badu came out to perform “Liberation” with the massive Hip-hop Collective, Dungeon Family. And clearly, the crowd went off.


The fashion

We mentioned before that Atlanta is a hot spot for all things artistic, and naturally, that includes fashion. We loved seeing how people chose to dress up to get down at ONE this year. Here are favorite looks from the festival attendees. 





If you were lucky enough to go this year, what was your favorite moment of the big event? If you happened to miss Organized Noize this past weekend, make sure to catch them performance at Music Midtown Festival right back in Atlanta this Saturday!

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