OVO Apparel Opens Up Shop in New York

One of the public figures on top of the world of music today is a man that goes by one simple name: Drake. The Canadian rapper/singer has wowed us with a slew of genre-bending albums and fire features. He's made us all realize that a simple guy from a Canadian teen drama can ascend the ranks of music stardom. Like many A-list celebrities do, Drake has moved past just making music and decided to create a brand that would cross many borders in pop culture, the brand OVO. OVO (the 3 letters representing the eyes of the ever-vigilant owl and the word’s “October’s Very Own") is not only the name bared by his impressive record label full of rising young talent and his hit Apple Music radio show, but also the name stitched on his very own streetwear brand.


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Before now, copping October’s Very Own apparel was an online-only task with the exception of possibly scooping up an item or two at a Drake show (which comes with its own degree of difficulty). But now, the 6 God has created a permanent flagship store right here in the biggest city in the world, New York City. Located at 54 Bond St, the new flagship store will feature all things OVO, from hoodies and winter jackets to snap backs. What do you plan to get from Drake’s boutique? Make sure to head down there today!

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