Pininfarina Releases Hydrogen-Powered Exotic

Any given car from any given year is much more than the commonplace machine that populates roads and highways. From Toyotas to Bentleys, every automobile that is deemed fit to touch public streets has been through literally thousands of hours of planning and detailing. The air-conditioning, engine, safety features, and computers have all been designed by a person or group of people to be as top-quality as possible. That’s why we get excited when we hear that a company that is solely dedicated to designing car exteriors is trying their hand at making their very own enviable vehicle.


If you haven’t heard of car design firm, Pininfarina, let’s just say their list of collaborators is anything but underground. The Italian-based company has worked with likes of Ferrari, Maserati, GM, and FIAT, just to name a few. With all of these multi-billion dollar brands entrusting the Pininfarina with the vainest aspect of their vehicles, it’s no surprise that Pininfarina’s “H2 Speed” Concept Car is one hell of a beauty. In many ways, the H2 Speed is like your typical, high-speed, exotic beast. It goes from 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds, packs over 500 horsepower, and utilizes formula 1 caliber suspension and breaks. But what’s special about the H2 is that all of its top-tier performance is being powered by a hydrogen fuel cell engine. While there’s already exotic cars that run on renewable energy, we’re positive this is the first time we’ve seen green have this much speed.


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