Product Review: Extreme Distressed Denim Shorts

By now, you have noticed distressed denim is one of the fashion trends of Summer 2016. Having never completely left our closets, ripped jeans are a staple in every style-conscious person’s wardrobe.

Royal Blue has transformed this style from long fashion pants to shorts, with a few added touches. Similar to all Royal Blue items, the men’s denim jean shorts are handcrafted so no two are exactly alike. With its high-quality and durable denim material, these shorts are soon to be one of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe. Featuring an acid-wash front and back and distressed panels, this piece brings a new spin to the already recognized look.  The shreds compliment both the denim itself as well as the stitching lining the pants.

Where the denim jean shorts really stand out from the crowd is their comfort. Many of us know, it takes multiple times wearing a new pair of jeans for them to be truly comfortable. Scoring big points with an 85/15 cotton blend, these shorts will look brand new for many years while also conforming to fit your body after repeated uses. You can wear these to a summer concert or just to hang out with friends. Add this versatile piece to your closet today.

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