Product Review: Slim Ripped and Worn Jeans

With Fall back in our lives, it’s time to cover up yet again. But unlike the seasons, Royal Blue’s mission to make you stand out when you dress up never changes; clearly seen with this Fall’s Slim Ripped and Worn Jeans. This new item from Royal Blue is a casual pair of jeans that is versatile for a number of subtle, yet effective reasons. The act of making a pair of jeans is one of those things in apparel creation that isn’t hard to do, but is certainly difficult to do exceedingly well. The Fall 2016 Ripped and Worn’s are a prime example of this concept for their excellent craftsmanship presented on a common and well-known canvas.


Being a Royal Blue staple, the high quality denim is durable, yet breathable; a noticeable trait as soon as you pick them up. The embroidery down the seams and on the pockets is very tight, which is a tell-tale sign to great jean longevity. Looking to take advantage of the dark autumn colors trend this Fall? The jeans feature a worn, brown wash-out that travels down the pants to the knees, with mid-sized whiskers on the pockets. The embroidery on the back pockets is sleek, yet understated as to not be too overbearing. The rips are few in number, but provide a perfect tan accent to match the washing out of the jeans. These Ripped and Worn’s are certainly the perfect go-to for a night out or casual Fall day. Make sure you grab a pair at the online store here before they’re all gone.

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