Product Review: The 2016 Tech Fleece Set

One thing that is as valuable to Royal Blue as quality and affordability, is versatility. With many of our products, there is a goal for creating a piece of clothing that would work in multiple social situations. From the denim jeans to shirts, Royal Blue never has just one goal in mind with any given piece of clothing, meaning that our Tech Fleece Set is no different. The tech fleece crew neck, joggers, pullover hoodie, and zip hoodie are all dynamic pieces that share comfort and versatility in our respective designs. This set makes sure to keep your style-choice hot, even when things start to get cold.


The four different pieces come in several different colors, ranging from navy, crimson-red, burgundy, urban camouflage, black, and white. The darker toned options are great for the autumn vibes, and the easy washing process is an additional plus. The pullover hoodie is a great choice for the full comfort of an at-home or outside jacket, with the zipper hoodie allowing you to mix and match other tech fleece pieces or outfit choices. The jackets are great for the cold, but not frigid, fall weather, protecting you from the nippy wind but perfectly fine to keep on once you get to your heated destination.


The tech fleece joggers and crew neck can provide your base layer to a warm outfit, and like the two hoodie pieces, bring you comfort for a number of scenarios. The joggers are perfect for when you’re wanting to wear a pair of pants that will make sure to keep you warm. It features several zipper pockets for your belongings, and the waist-string tie allows for optimal fitting that a belt couldn’t provide. The fleece crew neck really shines with its simplicity, being appropriate for staying in, or casual social gatherings. So, whether you want to mix several colors from this set, or get one matching shade, this 4-piece collection is certainly an addition you want to make to your fall and winter closet very soon. Go pick out your favorites at the online store, here.


Haddy Racks at A3C rocking our crewneck!

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