Pull the Ultimate Flex with this $2 Million Dinner

Girlfriend nagging you lately? Want to let mom know you’re sorry for all those drawn-on walls? Or are you trying to really impress that cutie you matched with on Tinder? Well if you’re trying to pull the greatest flex of all time, this little restaurant in Singapore just so happens to have the perfect solution. They’re giving you the option to take that special someone, be it blood relative or Tinder match, out to an unforgettable dinner. A dinner so epic, it’s going to end up costing you the price of a mansion, yacht, and/or garage full of Lamborghinis.



Singaporean restaurant,  The Ce’ La Vi has teamed up with Russian mining conglomerate, World of Diamonds, to offer a special $2million meal-for-2 and, rightfully so, this little special evening is being dubbed as the most expensive meal on planet Earth. The dinner is 8 whole hours of uncut, unadulterated luxury from start to finish, and features a helicopter ride to the location just in case you don’t feel like waiting for an Uber. The night will hold 18 full courses and be accompanied with wine selections that range from 44 to 55 years distilled. If drinking wine that’s old enough to get a colonoscopy isn’t enough, the diners will also be greeted with 10,000 freshly cut roses at the beginning of the meal, and presented with a Jane Seymour Diamond Ring at its conclusion.

Image courtesy of Luxury Launches

According to World of Diamonds and The Ce’ La Vi, the dinner is apparently more of a thank you gift, as the 2.08-carat Jane Seymour ring could easily fetch near $2million at an auction. Oh boy, what a deal…. We just want to know if to-go boxes are acceptable for a massive 18-course meal. Let’s face it, even some millionaires like to save a penny or two. The restaurant claims there’s already several people interested with the list still growing, but do you think a $2million dinner can ever live up to the price?

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