R. Kelly Wants to Give His Infamous Soap Opera a Slew of New Chapters

When you put some thought into it, R. Kelly has had a perplexing career. Ever since his breaking out back in the 90’s, the Chicago singer’s existence on the music scene has walked the lines of talented superstar, creepy-ass guy, and comedic musical artist. He’s had one of the most quotable lyrics ever in his song, “Bump and Grind,” while winning three Grammys over the course of 14 studio albums. However, at the same time, the man has made some very questionable love life choices, including dating a 19-year-old (at his current age of 49), and partaking in golden showers that garnered a hilarious parody performance from comedian Dave Chappelle, that’s almost as famous as the confusing and bizarre court case itself.

Somewhere in between R. Kelly’s immense talent and his straight up buffoonery lies his musical soap opera series, “Trapped in the Closet.” Over the course of 33 chapters, all ranging from 3 to 5 minutes long, R. Kelly tells the dramatic love networks of several eccentric people, all while singing every single moment of the story and doing the voices of every single character involved. The short episodes are always ridiculous, almost to a comical standpoint, but the fact that R. Kelly is singing the entire time with his heaven-sent voice and has written the entire tale himself is something that really is amazing in its own right. Well, fans of the cult classic can be overjoyed, as R. Kelly has said that he plans to release another 35 chapters of Trapped in the Closet. As in, he plans to essentially double the length of the series that has been releasing installments in pockets since 2005, with the most recent chapters being released in 2012. In an interview with The Atlanta Journal Constitution, R. Kelly stated that “[he’s] very excited about that. It will absolutely be out next year.” He then mentioned the idea of touring if the new 35 chapters are successful, saying, “I’ll tour if it’s a major deal, but if not, I might just chill and just finish writing my movie scripts.” So not only does he write soap opera plots, but R. Kelly has dreams of directing for the silver screen as well. How do you think R. Kelly would do writing a feature-length film?

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