RB’s Shoe Showdown: Nike Winter Boots vs. Adidas Green Kicks

It would only be appropriate that Royal Blue’s first Shoe Showdown cover the two biggest names in the shoe game right now: Nike and Adidas. For this installment, we’re covering the Nike’s sneakerboot hybrid, the Nike Air Max Goadome up against Adidas’s very first biodegradable sneaker, the Adidas Futurecraft Biofabrics. Both of these shoes are currently repping two pretty different sides of the spectrum, with the Biofabrics themselves still being somewhat of a concept shoe. We’ll go over both in detail and wrap up with which pair would be best for you and your wardrobe.

The Goadomes

While Nike is known first and foremost for their running and basketball shoes, that doesn’t mean they haven’t tried their hands in other shoe types before. The Goadomes have been around for a while but the latest release will come in new colorways, Triple White and Triple Black. On top of a more stylish redesign, we think the all-white option breaths a ton of new life into the Goadomes, which previously just looked like a standard work boot in any of its other colors. With the cold months just starting up, the white Goadomes are sure to look fresh when incorporated into a clean and minimal winter outfit. Current retail price is $170.

The Biofabrics

The Adidas Biofabrics are still in concept, but they're made to be conscious about our environment. In collaboration with German biotech company, AMSilk, the Biofabrics are a pair of running shoes that (with exception of the rubber sole) are completely biodegradable. The shoes themselves are tan-colored and made of a lightweight type of yarn called Biosteel, made of natural carbon. When the Biofabrics have been completely worn out after many uses, the user will apply a packet of a special enzymatic mixture to the shoes with water, and the sneakers will dissolve into a white residue that’s completely harmless to the environment. The Biofabrics are slated for a 2017 release with no exact retail price yet.

The Verdict

On one end you have a boot primed for a white winter, and on the other you have a sneaker crafted by two companies striving to go green. Both of these editions to the Nike and Adidas family are surely welcomed, and bound to be popular. However, for the sake of the winter season, and because all white just looks so damn good, our Royal Blue pick would have to be the Nike Air Max Goadomes. What pair do you think you’d prefer?


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