Reebok Gets Really Weird with Grinch-Inspired Shoes

Leather, rubber, cloth. These three ingredients have been the pillars of sneaker craftsmanship since the sneaker game began all the way back in the 1870’s. While only three base materials are used, a whole lot of innovative looks have been birthed from this trifecta, spawning a culture that has shoes as affordable as 20 bucks to super exclusive kicks worth in the tens of thousands of dollars. But every once in a while, something comes along that’s just…different. For the year of 2017, that head turner, for polarizing reasons, has to be the recently released Reebok’s Furry Instapump Fury’s.

We’re kind of split on this release. Yes, it’s something unique, in a way, so that’s a plus. Definitely not a shoe that looks like “every other shoe,” so there’s one more plus. But honestly, when can you actually wear these when you’re not doing Grinch in Basketball Gear cosplay? These definitely aren’t the type of sneakers you’d want to wear on a first date, and you probably want to avoid getting any kind of liquid on the faux fur, so that’s a no for parties and grassy areas. The real-world application to this atypical creation is definitely up for debate, but if you fuck with Reebok’s furry vision, you can go grab them on Antonioli’s shoe retail site here, for a (subjectively) chill $282.

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