Rejoice Cell Phone Users, We’ve got Bacon!

When it comes to smartphone user happiness, the people demanded, and the providers listened. No, it isn’t longer battery life... or a better front facing camera, it’s more emojis! To celebrate the first day of summer, Unicode, the makers and guardian of emojis, has released a list of 72 emojis to be out this year, including a BACON EMOJI!!! The new arrivals, like all the updates before it, bring all the emojis we wanted and several we never knew we needed. That’s right folks, we’re getting fist bumps for all the bros, black hearts for all the basics out there who want to pretend they’re cold-hearted, a gorilla to honor the late OG Harambe, and finally, an “I don’t know” shoulder shrug. Once again, the emoji gods have answered our prayers and revolutionized the arbitrary and sometimes, slightly uncomfortable language of emoji-ing once again. What emoji do you think people are going to overuse to symbolize sex as seen here? Check out the video below for the full list and make sure to keep an eye on your phone-bricking updates to see when the new emojis will be coming to you!!

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