Renault’s Newest Exotic Car Isn't Too Senior Citizen Friendly

We’ve seen Rolls Royce make the suicide-style doors a signature mark of luxury and wealth that has become synonymous with their name. Lamborghini, for years, has made the exotic “scissor door” design referenced as “Lambo Doors” by rappers of all kinds. Indeed, we can’t imagine it’s necessarily easy for car designers to breathe new life into the automobile’s gate of entry at the is point, but the innovators over at Renault were certainly up to the challenge. Their brand new concept, The Renault Trezor, is going to bring a whole new meaning to the term, “taking the top off.”

Debuted at the Paris Motor show, The Trezor is going to be one hell of a powerful sports car. The new concept comes with 360 battery-powered horses under the hood, is only 3-feet tall, and punches out over 282 lbs. of torque per square foot. But what’s really special about the Trezor, is that it is the very first automobile without doors (in the conventional sense at least). The only way to get into the car is to literally hop-in, as the entire roof moves forward to expose the car’s interior. So if you want eventually own this Renault masterpiece, the first thing we suggest getting is a garage, because we can’t imagine opening its hatch during a torrential down pour will do the high tech dashboard any good. But luckily for all the millionaires out there who want to jump into their whip without looking like a douche, the Trezor has now made that action a necessity. The real question is; how many artificial hips will be displaced by old geezers trying to relive their youth when trying to jump into this bad boy? Check Renault’s introductory video below!

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