Royal Blue Helps You Pick out a Quick Holiday Gift

Dec 20, 2016

Here you are again; you waited too long to get the perfect gift for your bae, cool uncle, weird cousin, and the loving parents in your life. You swore this year would be different, that you’d have all your Christmas shopping done before fighting off droves of fellow Americans during Black Friday, but unfortunately, the procrastination bug bit you on the ass pretty hard. But never fear! As usual, we got your back. We’re going to run down just what perfect last minute gifts you can get those specific people in your life that seem the toughest to shop for during the holidays.

Your Trendy Teenage Cousin Who's Avant Garde Now: Vintage Iron Table Lamp

Let’s face it, all trendy/hipster individuals think vintage is always the way to go. If you have a teenage cousin who thinks they’re coming into their very own unique sense of style by dressing just like your run-of-the-mill hipster, they’d love a nice aesthetic for their drab and aggressively artsy room. This table lamp, at only $26.99 on Amazon, is perfect for all the tumblr browsing they do late at night.

Your Uncle Who Likes to get the Drunkest at Dinner: Final Touch Whiskey Glass with Ice Ball Mould

We all know people who love to drink will drink just about anything in any kind of glass. But it’s Christmas time, and showing that uncle who loves to get lit that you take his turn-up habits into account can really make you look like a very thoughtful niece/nephew. Final Touch’s Whiskey Glass is the perfect glass shape for bourbon drinking, and the ice ball mould allows for every glass of whiskey to be a complete experience.

Your Health Nut Aunt: Casabella Guac-Lock Container

In the mid-2010’s, kale, avocados, and all things gluten-free are making waves, and many soccer moms, looking to reclaim the bodies of their college glory days, are all aboard the health nut train. For your aunt who loves super foods, this air-tight container for her healthy guacamole mixes is the perfect thoughtful gift that will keep on giving.

Your Sibling Who’s Always on Their Phone: Portable iPhone Charger with Chord Attached

You always thought people your age were way too into their phone, until you saw just how much your sister/brother stay glued to screens. The young teens of today are looking down at apps so often at this point, we’re surprised they haven’t developed a permanent neck injury. This charger is a little better than your average portable battery juicer because it comes with a chord attached. Finally, you and your sibling will give each other a genuine hug for the first time since 2013.

Your Secret Santa at Work: A Succulent in a Glass Dome

Sick of your coworker's desk looking like a warzone? Bring some nature and elegance to their coffee stained work area with a succulent! Minimal water is needed, so their lazy ass doesn’t have to do much (as usual) and it’ll ensure you don't have to probe their personal life to figure out what they like. It's a win-win all around. 

If you’re running low on time for any of these great gift ideas, always remember Boxing Day is a legitimate holiday over in Europe. Gifting something to someone on the day after Christmas will make you look a bit less like a procrastinator and more like a worldly and savvy individual. What gifts are you getting those people that are hard to shop for this holiday season?