Royal Blue’s Big Moments for the Super Bowl

In a few short days we will all gather around our TV’s with beer, wings, and friends, to take part in the red-blooded American holiday that is, Super Bowl Sunday. This year Super Bowl regulars,tThe New England Patriots, will be going up against the Vegas underdog, the Atlanta Falcons. After an electrifying playoff series and both teams straight up crushing their opponents in the NFC and AFC championships, it’s safe to say the two best made it the final big stage; but the question is who will come out on top? Tom Brady for his 5th ring, ending the debate for quarterback GOAT, or Matt Ryan and his squad to bring Atlanta its very first Super Bowl win.

The Big of the Moment of the Game: The Atlanta Falcons Winning It All

We’re picking the Falcons for similar reasons many sports analysts out there have: the one week’s rest. If you look at how the Falcons played after their bye week back in November, you can see why they have a legitimate shot. They only lost one game, by one point, against a strong Chiefs team, while comfortably winning their remaining five. We expect the week of rest to bring out a revitalized Falcons squad the way it did in the regular season. Not to mention that Falcons head coach Dan Quinn is instructing a deadly offense, that when on a hot streak, is nigh unstoppable.

The Big Moment of the Half: What the Hell is Lady Gaga Going to Do?

If you’ve been paying attention, you know Lady Gaga will have the stage this year at the Super Bowl halftime show. So if you know this fact, you’re probably also aware that there’s a hell of a lot of tension in the world right now, politically, racially, socially, and pretty much any other way you can think of. We’re just wondering, with Lady Gaga being so outspoken about women’s rights and other social issues, if she’ll take her time during America’s biggest televised performance to speak out against Donald Trump or any of the other chaotic and controversial issues going down in America right now. Apparently the NFL has given her a warning that she is not to take her time slot to do anything but her musical performance, but we’re positive the talented singer is thinking about making a big headline for Monday morning by saying something extremely off-script. What do you think Super Bowl 51’s biggest moments will be?

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