Royal Blue’s Favorite Mannequin Challenge Attempts

At this point, you know the deal when it comes to internet trends… Something, whether it be a song, dance, food, or a fundraising cause, gets something completely unrelated tied to it. Then for the next few weeks, this recorded act takes over the internet and becomes the “*insert noun here* Challenge.” This time around, the challenge taking the web by storm marries the current #1 song in America, “Black Beatles,” and the concept of not moving together. Officially dubbed the Mannequin Challenge, participants stay frozen in some form of action pose as an anonymous cameraman takes a short video moving through the room to capture a particularly lit moment in time. We’re seeing everyone get in on it; from colleges, to celebrities, to athletes, hell, even the current (and most badass) First Lady is getting in on this new wave.

It can be tough to pin the very first place internet trends begin, but thanks to Twitter, we can trace this one back to a small class of high schooler’s from Jacksonville, FL. Turns out the band of teens were just trying to make a neat video for one of their classmate’s accounts, little did they know the idea would take off the way it did. The integration of Rae Sremmurd’s hit song however, is much more unexplainable.

Michelle Obama and the Cavs

Because we already know Barack and Michelle Obama are the coolest presidential couple there’s ever been, it’s not surprising Michelle teamed up with current NBA champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers for this classy take on the Mannequin Challenge.

Big Gigantic

Another one of our favorites come from DJ group, Big Gigantic. We’re loving this one for the sheer amount of people they get to stay completely still in the crowd, along with the very naturally frozen poses of the backstage crew at the start of the video. Almost looks a bit too real.

Gym Rats

Now, this attempt at the Mannequin Challenge is getting some major points for the fitness levels required to pull it off. This gym full of ripped guys and toned girls has everyone maintaining tough workout poses that are uncomfortable to do even when you’re not staying completely still.

James Corden and the Late Late Show Staff

You’ll immediately see that Cordon’s go at the Mannequin Challenge is way longer than most 30 second clips out there. That’s because he got damn-near the entire Late Late Show to freeze in time with the exception of the cameraman. If there’s only one you check out, it’s gotta be this one.

Rea Sremmurd

Our list wouldn’t be complete without featuring the group who owns the song in most of these videos. Let’s just say that Rae Sremmurd definitely completed the challenge in a big way. Plus, you just gotta love how the video starts off with a hand off of Henny. What was your favorite attempt at the Mannequin Challenge, and are you and your friends trying to think of a clever way to get it to the next level?

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