Serena Williams Receives Gift from a Legendary Fan for Her Historic Grand Slam Win

Over the weekend, history was finally made. No, we’re not talking about your boy who has no game finally scoring a girl’s number, we’re talking about Serena Williams officially cementing herself as the greatest female tennis player of all time, and surely one of the greatest athletes of all time in general. On Saturday morning, Serena defeated her sister, Venus Williams, to win the Australian Open, and her 23rd Grand Slam title, the most titles ever won by a woman in the Open-era. This is no easy feat, and considering the 35-year-old promises to keep playing, we imagine this will not be her last. But what’s extra special about this win is the gift Serena received from a fellow enthusiast of the number 23.

During her post-game interview, the Australian Open anchorwomen described her gift coming from a “very very accomplished fan,” aka fellow GOAT, Michael Jordan. Serena ended up getting two pairs of custom made Air Jordan 1’s, one in the original black and red, and another in black and pink. Like the true class-act she is, Williams is shocked, surprised, and humbled by the amazing gift, taking the time to read the short, yet powerful letter Jordan wrote to her. In an era of Odell Beckham Jr.’s and Swaggy P’s, it’s refreshing to see a tier 1 athlete still fangirl when shown love by a fellow great. How many more championships do you think Serena still has left to earn?

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