Simpsons Writers Show They Still Got It with Hilarious Fictional Political Ad

For 27 years, Fox animated comedy, The Simpsons have been giving us hilarious episodes that are always relevant to the times. The shows hilarious wisdom and foresight is akin to that of a wise, older uncle who always can find the silver lining in the bleakest of situations. The Simpsons have lived through the Y2K scare, The Clinton scandal (the first one), and the rise and fall of boy bands. All while not aging a single day under all that stress. Through it all, The Simpsons remains as one of the most consistently funny and lighthearted shows in television history, making it the perfect show to create a political ad describing our 2016 presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

It begins with Homer and Marge stopping themselves from doing the dirty because they’re just too preoccupied with who they should vote for in the next election (like the good, 27-year constituents they are). They turn on the tube to see an ad describing how the two respective presidential candidates will go about addressing a nation-wide crisis that can occur at any time, even in the dead of night. Bill Hillary tackles it in a presidential manner, while Trump deals with the situation similarly to how a lazy-ass, small-handed lizard king would go about everything. Who are you voting for come November, and do you think The Simpsons nailed these two candidates’personalities? Check out the funny short below, and catch the premier of the 28th season of The Simpsons September 25th on Fox.

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