SKYN Condoms Break New Ground in a Way You Won’t Believe

The discovery of secondary uses for worldly inventions isn’t necessarily a new thing. The man who made Coca-Cola originally intended for it to be a cough medication, while the researchers behind Viagra synthesized the little blue pill to help people suffering from high blood pressure. These are just a few reasons why it shouldn’t be a massive surprise that jimmy-sock (or “condoms” for you classier folk) material is being used to create state-of-the-art long jump gear.


International condom brand Skyn Condoms is really looking to take the crown Trojan while beating down other penile protection competitors with their most recent invention. Not a dental dam or anal condom as you may guess, but a full body performance suit. Being the first piece in SKYNFEEL Apparel, this athletic body suit, as lead designer Pauline Dongen states, shares all the qualities you love in your Skyn condom in that its “soft, thin, and [lets] you feel everything.” A few features of the suit (that you don’t necessarily want in your rubbers) are precisely placed flaps at the extremities allowing for an increased lift on a long jump, and perforations in the center to allow for increased body-cooling. Do you think you’ll be hanging up a SKYNFEEL Apparel jumpsuit next to your Under Armour shirt any time soon? Or do you think that this could be the USA’s secret weapon to winning the Long Jump event in Rio this year? Check out a testing for this interesting piece of athletic wear below.

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