Snapchat Breaks into the Wearable Tech Game

The picture-based social media platform, Snapchat, has proven itself to be one of the breakout ideas of the 21st century. No one expected how much people would love the idea of temporary photo messaging, but with a reported 100 million daily users and an estimated company value of $22 billion, it’s safe to say the little white ghost is an integral part in the lives of Millennials. In order to continue their track record of success, Snapchat is making a few changes on both the branding and product-front, by changing their official company name to Snap Inc. and introducing a new physical accessory that’s sure to change the phone app game. To assert their photo and video dominance (and probably in hopes of creating an idea Instagram isn’t going to just take), Snap Inc. is joining the wearable tech rat race with their brand new interactive sunglasses.

Simply called, “Spectacles,” these new sunglasses by Snapchat let you do all the snapping you would with your phone from the comfort of your face. Supposedly being released this Fall, the special sunglasses feature 115-degree angle lenses on both top corners of the frame and will be released in the colors black, teal, and coral. Not many official details have been released on the new pro-Snapchat product, but as the commercial shows, the focus seems to be real-time action shots and videos that don’t require the user reaching for their phone. The Spectacles won’t necessarily be cheap, setting you back $130, but from the sounds of it, Snapchat may be getting this whole venture right. They’re not overextending the needs of their userbase like the disaster that was Google Glass, so we’re positive that the Spectacles will more than likely go off without a hitch. How do you think this new, trendy tech apparel will fair? Check out the official commercial below!

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