SNL Hits a Home Run with Melissa McCarthy’s Latest Impression

They say “birds of a feather flock together,” and when you have a bird as characteristic and easy to roast as Donald Trump in the White House, you can imagine that he’ll be recruiting some equally roast-able cuckoos as well. One of the front men of the new administration is without a doubt President Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, who is probably one of the most famous press secretaries ever thanks to Trump’s war with mainstream media outlets. One of Trump’s biggest social opponents, Saturday Night Live, decided to enlist the skills of Melissa McCarthy to poke fun at Spicer’s generally grumpy and irritated vibe on the latest episode of SNL.

From the get-go, SNL fans and casuals alike can smell “instant classic” all over this bit. McCarthy comes out to greet the press screaming and already pissed off, much in the same way Spicer hilariously does at all of his tense and awkward press meetings. Then she nails his constantly elevated speaking volume, flaring nostrils, and aggravated laser beam glare to a tee throughout the amazing staged Q&A. Watch Melissa McCarthy completely own the laugh-filled 8-minute sketch below!

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