Someone Ran Off with a Fortune Right Before 2016 Ended

Jan 06, 2017

It’s going to be at least a few more days (or four more years) until we wash out the bad taste of 2016 from our mouths for good. Unfortunately, for a New York jewelry wholesaler, the tail-end of the old year turned into a massive headache for the new one, when three men managed to steal over 6 million dollars worth of jewelry on New Year’s Eve night. Now, you’re probably thinking the same thing we are, how in the hell do three guys make it into a jewelry store and steal an entire fortune on one of the most police-heavy nights of the year? Luckily, some of it is on tape.



At approximately 10pm, three unidentified jewel thieves entered a jewelry store on West 36 Street in Manhattan, just a mere half mile from where the New Year Ball drops in Times Square. No word on any updates yet, but NYPD is hot on this case seeing as the sheer dollar amount in precious stones and metals that the men got away with is massive by anyone’s standards. On the scale of big heist, this is one of the smaller ones, seeing as the two biggest heists of jewels ever were both worth over $100 million respectively. What kind of preparation do you think it takes to pull off a heist worth millions? Check out the video surveillance above, and if you have any tips, make sure to contact 800577TIPS.