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It seems every year a new and crazy workout fad hits the market and this year is no exception with Surfset Fitness taking major cities like New York, San Francisco and Houston by storm.


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SurfSet is “an extreme surf-inspired workout that mimics the movements of surfing without the water,” according to the company’s website. Participating in this workout can give customers the body strength and lean ripped muscles that surfers possess, as well as burning anywhere from 500-900 calories in one single session.


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The workout combines core training with isometric movements to build a lean torso, while elevating your heart rate through surfing movements such as the pop-up. An example of what this workout is like is listed on the programs website as, “combining the cardio benefits of spinning with the strength and versatility of TRX® suspension training and fun had in a Zumba class but all on an unstable surface”.


Challenge Move of the Week: Contralateral Plank (By Master Trainer @dianaygarrett )

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Mike Hartwick, the CEO of the company, Sarah Hartwick, and Bill Niteau founded SurftSet Fitness in 2011. Mike used to surf during his offseason from hockey and found that he felt stronger and leaner when he returned to the sport at the start of each season. In order to keep his new physique without needing to take time off to go to the beach, he designed a machine to “mimic the workout he got while surfing”. From there, SurfSet Fitness was born.

So what are your thoughts? Can SurfSet Fitness really replace surfing and be considered a beneficial and challenging workout, or is it just a gimmick that will eventually fade away? Check out a SurfSet workout in the video below and see for yourselves!

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