Take a Look into Just How Much Goes into the Shoes on Your Feet

If it’s one thing our team here at Royal Blue can always respect, it’s craftsmanship, especially within the fashion world. Many people often don’t think about the man hours and attention to detail that can go into every step of the creation process. From the start of the drawing board to the constant editing and redraws to even scrapping entire ideas in search of something even better; each step is all a part of the long grind in the fashion industry to make something truly remarkable. In celebration of the relaunch of their legendary Air Max 1 in all its former glory, Nike gave us a peek inside just how much detail there is in creating one of their shoes.

Opening with testimonials about how much of an impact the Air Max 1 had on the shoe industry, including some original drawing board designs, Nike wastes no time getting into how much this shoe means to their company. Narrated by explanations of the design process by their senior designers, we get to look inside design meetings, sketch collaborations, and details as to how the revamp has brought 21st century improvements to a classic OG sneaker. The entire short honestly is right up there with an Apple commercial in making you feel like a fly on the wall in a room where some serious imagination and innovation is going down.

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