Take Your Power Naps to the Next Level with ZEEQ

Since the 21st century has begun, it’s clear that tech companies’ goal is to make every household item “smart.” We have smart phones, smart watches, smart asses (also known as internet trolls) everywhere on our social media, and now a small startup company wants to bring some extra brain juice to our age old sleeping accessory. The ZEEQ smart pillow is a bold undertaking, that sets out to be the last pillow you’ll ever need. Need music to fall asleep? The ZEEQ features built-in wireless speakers that’ll play soothing music throughout the night that only the user can here. Does your bae hate how loudly you snore in the middle of the night? The ZEEQ sends out light vibrations from the pillow to encourage you to change sleeping posture to stop the snoring. And what kind of smart pillow would the ZEEQ be if it didn’t have the function of studying your sleep cycle? This smart pillow analyzes your 90-minute sleep cycles to figure out how rested you are at that moment, even if that means waking you up a little bit before your alarm. It looks like people are really down with great sleep life, as the company has raised over 5 times its original goal with 17 days left to spare. Are you willing to rest your faith in ZEEQ? Go support the idea over at their Kickstarter page, here.

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