The 1996 Olympics Honored by Nike

When you look back on it, 1996 was a very intense time in American history on both good and not-so-good fronts. The country was doing great and running at a surplus in terms of the national budget, but that came with a very bro-tastic scandal of Bill Clinton allegedly receiving oral treats in the Oval Office. And while the 1996 Summer Olympic games came with the scary bombing that happened in Centennial Park, we also saw arguably the greatest team ever assembled to hit the courts, the 1996 Basketball dream team. So to commemorate such a crazy time, 20 years later, Nike looks to honor the eventful year with a brand new Nike Air release.

The Nike Air Trainer SC Highs’ are a special edition Air Trainer that looks to honor the legendary 1996 Summer Olympics. The tongue on the left shoe bears a peach knitting to represent the official state fruit of Atlanta, Georgia, which was the 1996 Summer Games’ location. The bulk of the shoe is done in a gorgeous green suede leather and detailed with gold-painted lace hooks, bringing the top of the shoe together nicely. The transparent sole features streaks of color from the Olympic Rings and glows slightly in the dark to bring a wonderful finish to the overall product. These kicks drop in about a week, so make sure to head over to Nike on July 19th to catch this low-key awesome edition.

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