The 5 Most WTF Accessories That Supreme Has Made in the Last 5 Years

Supreme released their Fall/Winter 2016 collection back in August. While the collection included staple pieces like long sleeved tees, button downs and jackets, the accessory line was much more unique. Some of the pieces included floodlights, pins, a 24k gold seahorse pendant, motorbike helmets, and a brick. This isn’t the first time Supreme has come up with bizarre items in their collection mix. Here’s a few of the most ridiculous pieces from their past seasons.

The Last Supper Ash Tray in 2012

Supremes’ accessory line has become a running joke in the streetwear industry throughout the last few years, and products like this are exactly why. A Last Supper Ash Tray is certainly not something you’d think you need, but like Supreme always does, they said, “why the hell not”, and made one anyway. For the religious and non-religious, hopefully you have no problem ashing on Jesus and his brethren’s, that’s not a sin, right?


Stash Bible Box in 2013

For the 2013 Fall/Winter collection, Supreme decided to make a fake bible of the new testament. The “bible” is actually a secret box to hold whatever you may need to keep hidden. The accessories line also included items inspired by Bruce Lee, the Tasmanian Devil, and the Virgin Mary. Considering the blend of icons have absolutely nothing in common, this Supreme item definitely made it to the list of most bizarre. Hopefully your snoopy little brother doesn’t come across your secret treasure chest; if so he might be praising Jesus soon depending on what he finds in that bible…


Supreme x Everlast Hand Grip in 2014

Supreme clearly takes arthritis very seriously considering they made a hand grip strengthener for their 2014 Fall/Winter accessory line. Destress while strengthening your muscles in style for only $44.99!


An Air Horn in 2015

The Fall/Winter Accessory line of 2015 was definitely the season it started to get weird.  Other items from this collection included a toolbox, a crowbar, ski goggles, meditation balls, and yes, an air horn. Maybe Supreme was on to something; I mean you never know when you’re going to need an air horn to piss off your hungover roommate.



A Brick in 2016

Why a brick? Who the hell knows. Several fans claimed they came up with the idea, other people believe it might be teasing a future collaboration with Gucci and his Brick Squad Crew and Supreme. Most likely they did it to mess with us. One Reddit user got so into it, they even figured out how much it would cost to build a Supreme brick house.

It would cost ~ $4,704,000 USD to build an average sized house out of Supreme Bricks from supremeclothing


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