The 8th Fast & Furious Installment Will Still Leave Your Jaw on the Floor

Dec 12, 2016

Who would’ve thought that a mid-budget movie based on illegal California street racing would lead to one of the longest running modern movie franchises to date? “The Fast and the Furious,” released back in 2001, was relatively mediocre from a critic’s standpoint, and was mainly coveted for being based on a somewhat newly emerging scene at the turn of the 21st century. Now, after raising over 4 billion dollars between the 7 currently released movies, fans of the over-the-top action movie series will be getting their 8th dose of fast cars and onscreen bromances with “The Fate of the Furious.

If you’ve been a member of the F&F cult, you know all too well that these movies have been have been moving further and further away from the world of realism with every sequel. Some say it began back in “Fast & Furious (2009)”, when main protagonist, Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) literally gets shot in the back only to casually turn around to see who did it. Others say the exaggerations came in 2006’s “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” when our young protagonist Sean (played by Lucas Black), learns how to drift like a professional stunt driver in a matter of months. No one knows for sure, but suspending disbelief is something that must be done to enjoy these movies, and Fate looks to be no different. At one point in the trailer, we see Dom, who is now a bad guy for some reason, get tethered by 5 cars, only to reverse and somehow collide all the cars together whilst escaping. And let’s not forget The Rock’s character teaming up with “The Transporter” actor, Jason Statham, to beat up a whole prison’s worth of lackeys. Oh, how we surely missed the world of impossible stunts on the big screen thanks to F&F. Are you going to check out the latest in a street racing franchise that has less and less to do with actual street racing? If you are, make sure to race over to your local theater on April 14, 2017!