The Battle Between Apple and Android is Coming to an End

How many times have you been the odd ball out in your group of friends when you needed the Android charger and you were surrounded by Apple users? Bigger arguments have been started over smaller issues, but the struggle is in fact, real. London based company, Blond has found a way to solve this popular #FirstWorldProblem.


Introducing, “Duo”, the first ever Bluetooth speaker and wireless charging pad. The charging segment uses induction, the method of powering a device by using an electromagnetic field to transfer energy. This wireless charging method makes the tray unbiased of any brand, whether it be Apple or Android. The Duo’s speaker features 360° sound and performs just as good as it looks. Although the pricing and release date aren’t available yet, we do know the speaker and charging tray comes in black and white, and we can assume it will be available by the end of the year. 

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