The Best Black Friday Moments of 2016

The cornerstones of the Thanksgiving week are good food, time with family and friends, and setting aside a day to be thankful for everything we have; but let’s not forget about the day after the big dinner is finished. When Americans all over the country camp outside of their local Best Buy, Target, or Walmart to take part in Black Friday. Hundreds of people crowd store doors to try to get the best deals of the year on TV’s, computers, and many other items that will eventually be marked down to those same low Black Friday prices by March of next year. Despite this fact, the promise of deals can make people get a little crazy, which can make for some hilarious and shocking content. Here’s our favorite videos from Black Friday 2016.

Mark Dice Telling It Like It Is

Every year we see hordes of shoppers trample and attack each other for marked down microwaves, and as entertaining as that can be, we do enjoy the occasional changeup. That’s why we love that YouTuber, Mark Dice, drove to department stores in his neighborhood to give news report-like commentary on the droves of “zombies” waiting to partake in the early morning madness. Let’s just say most of the people waiting in line weren’t too happy with Dice’s trolling.

M2THAK Pulls Some Cringey Pranks on Shoppers

Anyone willing to mess with sleep-deprived and desperate shoppers on Black Friday has some pretty big balls in our book, and that’s what this M2THAK decided to do. Most of the video consist of M2 awkwardly engaging bystanders, trying to convince them of outlandish stories and tales to try and distract them from getting their marked down products. Not surprising that some of his victims got pretty on edge.

Coolduder Breaks Down the Black Friday Illusion

With the chaos and pandemonium Black Friday can bring, you have to assume that there’s something in it for the big businesses that put the sales on. Well, Coolduder went out to Target, Walmart and Best Buy to give a rundown of just how little each individual customer is saving on certain deals, and why the mass inventory clean-up for these big chain stores is mainly in their own interests.

The Sweet Sounds of Shit Shows

Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without a fight compilation video. Surely, scuffles that involve boxes being used as weapons and savage behavior have become synonymous with the concept of Black Friday, itself. What adds a tasteful touch to Trending Videos TV’s 2016 compilation is the soothing classical music being played for the entire course of the video. How do you feel about Black Friday? An overblown and unnecessary holiday, or do you partake in the countrywide chaos? Luckily, in the age of technology we’ll always have Cyber Monday keeping retail workers a bit safer from holiday human stampedes.

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