The Denim Behind His Costume

Halloween is a time for everyone, young and old, to show admiration for some of their favorite world characters throughout fictional and non-fictional history. Some choose to go all out with their Halloween costumes, planning and prepping it days, or even weeks in advance, while others throw a few things together to create a simple, yet easily identifiable costume. Despite all these variations in preparation and creativity, sometimes, costumes of a particular popular character will always share a key trait. Denim jeans aren't just the most commonly worn article of clothing in the world, but it’s also used in the portrayal of many iconic figures, making them a staple for a slew of Halloween get-ups. Here’s how some Royal Blue pieces can help you out with your Halloween costume this year.

Marty McFly

Marty McFly from “Back to the Future” is a relatively easy costume to pull off, and with the actual release of the self-tying Nike Mags this year, the look will definitely be in. For this outfit, all you need is:

• A sleeveless winter jacket
• A plaid over shirt
• An optional denim jacket
• A pair of blue jeans

The perfect pair of pants for this situation would have to be Royal Blue’s Slim Fit Jeans in Medium Blue.

 James Dean

If you’re looking for a more classic look, you can rock some slim fit jeans when portraying the legendary American actor, James Dean. The great thing about this costume is that there’s a good chance you have everything you need already sitting in your closet. James Dean was known for the original tough guy image, which was:

• A pair of blue jeans
• A tight white shirt
• A leather jacket
• A pack of cigarettes tucked into his shirt sleeve or jacket.

Waldo of Where’s Waldo

Waldo of the children’s book “Where’s Waldo?” is a tried and true Halloween classic. The stealthy fictional character is easy to prep and an easy to recognize costume that usually requires denim jeans. If you were ever successful at finding Waldo when you were a kid, then you already know his standard attire:

• A red and white striped long sleeve shirt
• Round glasses
• A pair of jeans or blue pants
• A matching poof hat.

Steve Urkel

We have no idea why Steve Urkel isn’t a more commonly worn Halloween outfit, because it’s so easy to do and sure to get at least a few people at the party laughing. Urkel was a pretty normally dressed guy outside of the goofy suspenders, big dorky glasses and exposed socks. You may need to go get:

• Loudly-colored suspenders
• Prop glasses (the bigger the better)
• A pair of skinny Jeans

Make sure to cop the Denim Skinny Jeans and roll them up to show off those pearly white socks.

 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will Smith’s character from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a great representation of 1990’s fashion: bright, loose, and colorful. The necessities for this costume are:

• A loud neon 90’s-esque shirt
• Baseball cap (turned sideways)
• An old school boom box or radio (if you can find one)

For the sake of Will’s essence on the show, the Fresh Print Jogger Pants would be a great addition to match Will Smith’s stand-out look on the legendary sitcom.


If you dig our choices for male costumes but need some inspiration for a female Halloween outfit, check out our ideas for the ladies, here!



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