The Incredible Hulk is Real and He’s from Iran

You ever wonder why they keep the “7th Wonder of the World” only at the lowly number of seven? So many things can’t be explained. What is the absolute worst thing a human being would do for a Klondike bar? Can a grown man lead a camel to water and make it drink? Who actually let the dogs out? All of these unanswerable questions sprinkle our world with the pixie dust of wonder, and the world’s newest pixie dust coating is the man known as “The Iranian Hulk.”


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A photo posted by original page (@sajadgharibii) on


Move over Game of Throne’s The Mountain, this guy makes you look tiny like no one else could. Sajad Gharibi, a.k.a. Persian Hercules is a 385-pound mountainlifter  weightlifter and has amassed a huge Instagram following simply due to his impressive feats in terms of body size. But fear not averagely sized person, friends and associates say that Gharibi is actually a really nice guy that has a huge heart. Although we’re pretty sure with those biceps you won’t want to challenge him to arm wrestling match if you’re trying to keep limbs. Like holy hell, you can totally tell the guy is so massive that he probably actually can’t put his arms down at his sides. Now that’s what we call fuckin’ jacked. Take a look at his best crazy pics below.


 A man who cares about his fans


Okay but seriously, did this guy get into some kind of nuclear accident?


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 What kind of hulk would this guy be if he skipped leg day? 


#سجاد_غریبی روزنامه سوئیس و مجارستان و ترکیه و نشریه سان

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 9th World Wonder: How this man fits into cars.

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