The Legendary Air Jordan 11’s is Getting a Special Revamp

In the world of sneaker fandom, variety and uniqueness is the essence of the art. Sneaker collectors pride themselves on having a unique collection of kicks that you won’t find too easily in another sneaker head’s closet. That being said, it’s easy to conclude that there are very few sneakers in the world that garner the title of “must have” when it comes to any given respectable collection. The Air Jordan 11’s is among that clade. A classic favorite of the 11’s is the highly coveted “Space Jam” edition in memory of the Looney Tunes movie starring the great Michael Jordan himself released back in 1996. To honor the cult classic’s 20th anniversary, Nike will be releasing a revamped and reimagined 2016 edition of the Space Jam Air Jordan 11’s.

Some leaked photos are showing a box that features Michael Jordan’s less-honored 45 jersey number that has a Bugs Bunny themed “23” on top of the blended-in 45. The shoes themselves are mostly black with an ice-blue gum sole that feature 45 on the back of the shoe. We have no doubt that the new Space Jams will join the rank of other staple Air Jordan 11’s like the Pantones, Gamma Blues, and 2011 concords. How do you feel about the new edition? Make sure and grab them when they drop on December 22nd, or you’re guaranteed to be paying way more later on!

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