The Men’s Trends Going into 2017

Men’s fashion has made some interesting developments throughout 2016, most notably in the colder months, that we’re sure will carry on into 2017. In particular, while loud and minimal can both be equally impressive, what we’re seeing a lot of is the matching of tops and bottoms to make one completely in sync set. Maybe it's from the popularity of Yeezy apparel or just the gradual movement of fashion, but “all black everything” looks just as suave in red, blue, green, or just about any other color. When it comes to colors for the winter, you’ll be sticking with darker tones, of course. When it comes to blurring lines, no lines are being rubbed away quite like the one that sits in between sportswear and casualwear. With that in mind, it looks like the best choice for an all matching look in that fashion space is certainly tech fleece.

As you can see from rugby star Michael Jenning’s day to day life, he rocks a tech fleece for hanging with friends, walking dogs, working out, and even riding ATV’s through the dessert. The only problem we had with this forecast is that all these matching tech fleeces can be priced pretty damn steeply (at least by our standards, they're about $150 for matching pants and long sleeves from Nike). That’s why we worked hard on developing a tech fleece set that comes in a variety of shades, is uniform in comfort, but won’t take a big bite out of your wallet. Still need convincing? Take a look at the pieces in motion in our lookbook trailer, or check them out in our online store, here.

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