The Long Awaited Release of Frank Ocean

Taking a break from making music is a common thing among many highly successful musicians after they released their albums or finished up their tours. Many artists such as Eminem have taken year-long gaps between each of their albums. R&B singer and songwriter Frank Ocean is no different.

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Tomorrow, Frank Ocean is set to release his highly anticipated second album titled "Boys Don’t Cry", through music streaming service Apple Music. It has been four years since Ocean released his first album "Channel Orange", which featured his hit single “Thinkin Bout You”. The album was nominated for six Grammy Awards and won the nomination for best urban Contemporary album and best rap/sung collaboration.

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Ocean first teased fans with a new album release three years ago when he announced a new title for an upcoming album.  On July 2nd Ocean’s website, featured a photograph of a library due-date slip that listed dates from over the past year. The bottom of slip listed the title of album with the final due date reading July 2016.



On Monday a live video was posted to the same website, featuring workbenches that were placed in a large room.  The only clue in the video that hinted to an album release was Apple Music’s Logo in the top right corner.

Whether or not the album will be released tomorrow is still up in the air since Ocean has had several previous potential dates for the album. Just like many of Frank Ocean’s fans, we are hoping for more great music, sooner rather than later!

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