The POTUS Talks Hip Hop and Sports on Sway in the Morning

Whether you’ve been a fan of his 8-year long presidency or not, you have to admit that current president of the United States, Barack Obama, has been one of the hippest presidents we’ve ever had. The man can pick a March Madness bracket with the best of them and he just allowed for the return of Cuban cigars and rum back into the United States. With all the relatively hip things he’s done, it doesn’t surprise us that President Obama has some pretty solid taste in hip-hop as well. Calling into a popular radio show on Sirius XM, Sway in the Morning, Obama had a morning chat with Sway to talk basketball, football, and rap music.

After some friendly Trump roasting small-talk, Sway and his co-host Heather B ask the POTUS who his picks are for the NBA Finals and the Super Bowl. After some predictable answers, President Obama gives an insightful opinion on who the best rappers are in the game right now both commercially and talent-wise. And as a good politician would do, Obama concludes the phone call by reminding listeners about the importance of voting, followed by a plug for fellow Democrat and current presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Let’s just hope that whoever wins the presidency can at least give us some insight on who to start during our last few weeks of Fantasy Football. Watch the 13-minute phone-in below!

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