The Rock Shows off his New Kicks

2016 certainly seems to be the year of unlikely trends. Arthur the Aardvark has returned to relevancy through memes, the world’s most valuable person has been a gorilla named Harambe, and non-athlete public figures are making athletic-wear like it’s nothing new. Following in the footsteps of Kevin Hart (who partnered with Nike) and Kylie Jenner (who teamed up with Puma), actor and former pro-wrestler, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, is getting his very own sneaker collaboration with Under Armour. Possibly looking to do some damage control after the very poorly received Curry 2 Low’s, Under Armour is enlisting the help of The Rock for their newest basketball shoe. The new kicks get a very Rock AF introduction from the larger than life action star, as Johnson takes a break from lifting cars or whatever the hell he does to introduce the “Rocks FIYA” (the temporary name of the shoe). The shoes echo The Rock’s persona through and through, being large (almost boot-like), marked with his signature bull on the back, and finished off with the phrases “EARNING IT” and “Blood, Sweat, And Respect” on the tongues. This isn’t the first product The Rock’s released with some built in motivation, as he also has a pretty popular alarm clock app that’s a bit louder than some yellow stitching on a shoe. Looking for an alarm clock that lacks the tempting snooze button feature, and that also carries The Rock’s amazing voice? Go check out The Rock Clock, and have your newfound early mornings filled with chainsaw noises and determination (to shut the damn alarm off, if nothing else). Do you think the sneaker world and app-verse is tryin’ to smell what The Rock is cooking with these releases? Check them out below.

EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK: It's a good day in footwear. Big s/o to my boy @stephencurry30 for sending me pairs of the new #CurryLux's. Dope color ways in suede and leather. Droppin' Aug 13th! Aaaaand FINALLY.. what the world has been waiting for.. a lil' shoe we'll call #RocksFIYA for now, 'cause you'll chase your greatness in them by the only way we know how.. EARNING IT. Been training in these beasts for a year now so by the time they drop to you at the top of 2017 - you'll know I've given my blood and sweat in them and kept it 💯. And one more thing.. they're slightly aggressive. As alphas are.😉 Blood, sweat and respect. First two we give, last one we earn. #CurryLux #RocksFIYA #GoodDayInFootwear #UnderArmour #BloodSweatAndRespect

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