The Zungle Panthers = Sunglasses of the Future?

You know as well as we do that 2010s is like the middle child of the world history. This early in the 21st century isn’t quite the stone ages, but not exactly the land of the future either. There’s no more continents to discover and technology is still pretty far off from letting us explore planets that may be hospitable to intelligent alien life. We have touch screen phones and wireless devices, but vacuum cleaners still make a metric shit ton of noise when they’re turned on. Well tack on one point for “Back to the Future” ideas come to life, because now you can feel like a slightly more out of shape James Bond with Zungle Panther sunglasses.


We know what you’re thinking, and no this article was not typed on a phone that auto-corrected some kind of logical name to “Zungle Panthers”, that’s just the actual random-ass name of the product… This kickstarter idea made by the tech company Zungle looks to take the concept behind neckband headphones a step further by incorporating them into sunglasses. The Zungle Panthers will feature Bluetooth capability for its wireless function and feature hands-free audio and calling controls, as shown in the preview video. The frame on the current prototype has a very similar look to infamous Oakley Frogskins, but we don’t doubt more styles would be released at the rate people are getting behind this idea. The Zungle Panthers mission has seen a huge explosion in popularity, raising over $300,000 with an original goal of just $50,000. We’re really loving this concept here at RB, but how do you like it? If you’re feeling the idea, make sure to donate to their kickstarter page so you can one day add these shades to your next Royal Blue outfit!

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