These Custom Jordan's Have the Sneaker World Buzzing

Customized kicks are nothing new. Special designers recreate a passionate sneaker head’s favorite Nikes, Jordans, or Adidas to create a pair that no one else on the street is going to have. Everyone from rappers, athletes, actors, to just those dedicated to the craft, seek out the best independent designers and customization companies to take an already impressive shoe to the next level. One of the hottest custom sneaker companies in sneaker culture is the decade-old Freakersneaks, known for pumping out reimagining’s anyone would have a tough time expecting, if they didn’t see it already. Now, they’re making waves for turning the legendary Air Jordan 4’s into a video game nerd’s delight.

Officially dubbed the Air Jordan “Super Nintendo’s,” these Freakersneaks exclusives are re-dyed in that classic, Nintendo grey, and feature the logo of Super Nintendo on the tongues. The back of the shoes hold the perfect final touch by paying ode to the SNES’s controller, baring the directional pad on the left shoe and the iconic green, red, blue, and yellow buttons on the right. Freakersneaks announced only ten pairs of the Super Nintendo’s will be made, so both you and your sneaker plug need to keep an eye on their website to see when they’ll drop!

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