These Headphones Look to Change How You Hear Music

The world of audio can be a complex practice and thus, breeds a somewhat snobby culture. With vinyl records back on the rise as the new “best way” to listen to music, we’re seeing more people than ever proclaiming themselves as audiophiles and throwing down big bucks on vinyl sound systems when they see things like “minimally compressed, phono-staged, MM-cartridge, hyper-compressed," because they obviously know what all that means…That’s why we’re wondering if these new Aedle ODS-1 Headphones are worth the buck for putting out one hell of a bang.

(The headphones will come in 4 different colors)


These in-ear headphones are definitely a couple hundred steps above your run-of-the-mill Apple EarPods (yes, even the wireless ones). Each headphone packs a ton of high-end tech under their Venetian calf leather hoods. The diaphragm of the dynamic transducers grants the little powerhouses a dynamic range of noise-cancelling frequencies, while a titanium balanced armature (a device typically used in hearing aids) is put in to create as organic of a sound as possible. Of the 200 made, all of them are handcrafted in Aedle’s main site in Paris. We can’t even imagine what music would sound like in these things, but at a price set at $360, it better be near perfect. If you’re interested in these high-end music distributors, head over to Aedle’s site here and check out the official trailer below.

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