These New ASIC's Are Sure to Be a Bit Polarizing

With all the hype between Adidas, Puma, and Nike, we’re sure the smaller sneaker brands are feeling the pressure to keep up. But we have to celebrate this drive towards new grounds, as competition has bred innovation since the beginning of time. From Nike literally making Jordans out of cork material and Yeezys using suede for their 750’s, it’s pretty much anything goes for what we can expect shoe brands to be making their kicks out of these days. However, with all these bold and new undertakings, we certainly see some releases that are a bit polarizing, and the newest of these is the ASICS Gel Lyte V Tartufo Pack


“Tartufo” is a particular mushroom that grows under oak trees in Italy and it’s the particular fungi that inspired this new shoe pack by ASICS. The 2 colors available for the Tartufo pack is a mushroom white with mustard-colored accents or an earthy, soil-colored brown. The texture of the two editions are inspired by the look of black and white truffles, one of the well-known desserts of Europe. The shoes are certainly made with fine material, brushed suede for its base and ostrich-textured leather for the shoe accents, but the color scheme is what will have people split on this release. Some are sure to think that the shoes weathered textures and drab colors are a good look, while sneaker heads who are fonder of contemporary styles will be convinced the Tratufo’s look like some 10-year-old dad kicks right out of the box. How do you feel about this out-of-left field move by the age-old running shoe brand?

Images Courtesy of ASICS

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