This Kickstarter Idea is Truly for the Sneakerheads

Sneakers for some may be a pretty special thing to cherish. You bust them out when you’re planning to have an especially memorable night on the town, when you’re taking a special someone on a date, or whenever you’re planning to make the best first impression. So it truly comes as surprise to us that designer, Alex Drayer is one of the first people to create a duffel bag truly dedicated to keeping your favorite sneakers safe during commute.



Officially released under Drayer’s company, LEXDRAY, the Portland Sneaker Duffel is a LEXDRAY’s most recent Kickstarter project, and it’s looking to be the first duffel bag created solely for sneaker transport. The handy little piece of luggage features room for up to 6 pairs of shoes, and boasts a strap for shoulder carry or handles for carrying by hand. The bag can come in either all black or Navy Blue and when you back the project with $270 or more, you’ll be getting the sneaker duffel bag itself and a $40 laptop/tablet case free of charge. They still have 22 days left on their campaign and about another $80,000 to raise, so if you think you need this in your life, go back LEXDRAY up, here.

If the duffel bag isn’t your cup of coffee, you may be interested in the sneaker backpack seen below.

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