This New Converse Pack Makes the Year of the Rooster Look Amazing

In all the hype of the ball dropping at midnight on December 31st, we often forget there are many other calendars in the world with different New Year times than the one we use here in the states. Besides, when you’re going in a circle like our wonderful planet is, any specific point on that roundabout journey can be considered the “start.” One of the most well-known non-Western calendar switches is the Chinese New Year, which is happening on January 28 this year. Associated with each year of the Chinese calendar is an animal, representing several different traits of the human personality. 2017 happens to be the year of the rooster, and in honor of the bold and expressive animal, Converse has decided to release a special apparel pack, appropriately named Year of the Rooster.

The apparel pack features a sweater, coach jacket, t-shirt, and of course, sneakers. All of the items are in jet black and feature stitching accents that resemble feathers, particularly on the shoes. The t-shirt features two talon-repping roosters on the upper shoulders, with the sweater baring the words “COURAGE, STRENGTH, PRIDE” on its front; personality traits attributed to individuals born in the year of the rooster. We’re really digging this idea and it’s honestly surprising no other top brands have made moves to come out with themes to the Chinese New Year prior to this. How are you liking Converse’s spin on the year of the rooster? Check out some of the items from the pack below, and go pick it up here.

Images courtesy of Converse 

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