This New New Balance Pack is Drably Colorful

It’s always good to see New Balance drop something that catches the eye, and seeing how the company just got an indirect endorsement from President Obama, we can expect them to end the year on only high notes. New Balance is doing something fairly uncommon for them, considering the bulk of their shoes are relatively low-key and understated, and they put comfort above flash in all their products. While this latest pack by New Balance isn’t flashy in the traditional sense, it’s certainly a standout set for the colors used. Possibly looking to shed the awful nickname of “The Dad Sneaker”, the New Balance MiUK Yard Pack is made up of five different sneakers that all look like a very trendy art buff just got done sewing them together.

The reason for the name “Yard Pack” stems back from the history of the beginning of New Balances. The founder, William Riley, used to revere the chicken for its sense of balance in the farm yard due to the structure of its three clawed foot. Hence why inside the tongue of every MiUK Yard Pack shoe you’ll find a bold looking cock stitched inside. The colorways combine earth tones in some tastefully drab mixes of suede and leather. If you’re trying to cop these New Balances, make sure to pick them up when they drop on December 31st and January 17th

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