This Teenager’s Man Cave Is the Stuff of Legends

Anyone who lived through their teenage years remembers daydreaming of that perfect escape. A room that has everything you need to entertain you and your friends for days and weeks on end. That zone of fun goes by many names. Some call it a safe haven, others a penthouse, and of course, many call it a man cave. There are many variations of the man cave, and they hold different kinds of treats to entertain young adults, but a teenager from Cape Town South Africa may have a skateboard-themed cave that certainly puts all others to shame.


This particular man cave was designed by South African architects of the Inhouse Architects firm, and really takes the idea of a great man cave to the next level. The boy’s dungeon of dankness comes with all the essentials of your typical top-tier basement safe haven. A pool table, punching bag, massive couch, flat screen TV with surround sound, a pinball machine, an extra-large bean bag chair, and a fully stocked booze snack bar. But what really takes this kid’s cave to the next level is the mini skate park he has just chilling in the back of the place; complete with wall illustrations by South African artist, Jack Fox.

The cave comes with a small, built-in bowl, so he and his friends could literally skateboard in the house with peace of mind. What happens if one of his little buds forget to bring a board? No problem, as he has a rack of about ten spare skateboards just waiting to be used at any moment. What editions would you make to this already stellar cave? Check out the YouTube video on amazing man cave ideas below for some inspiration.

Images Courtesy of Inhouse Architects

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