Tinder to Launch Snapchat-Like Feature

Feb 21, 2017

It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re a young person, in which your social world, at times, feels almost just as digital as it does real-life, you or someone you know has probably had some kind of experience on Tinder. The app lets you swipe right on people you find admirable (for whatever reason) and swipe left on those you don’t. This simple app idea has since created its own strange subculture that includes all kinds of people and has certainly been the butt of a joke or main point of a hilarious story between friends at some point. Considering Tinder hasn’t changed too much over its four and a half year run, the creators thought they’d ought to hop on the social media copycat train and integrate features of another popular app right into their own.

Officially buying out the technology of the video messaging app, “Wheel,” Tinder will be bringing a Snapchat-like temporary video feature into their infamous dating app. So if you know how the Snapchat video feeds works…you pretty much know exactly how Tinder’s new feature will work. Users will post short videos that will delete themselves after 24 hours for anyone they’ve matched with to view. What uses could this have when people you don’t even know will be viewing them? Will this change the nudes game? Can these little videos help funny people everywhere get more dates? Tinder’s VP says the goal of this new move is to “bring people together to create,” which is a pretty elegant way of saying, “we’re doing this so you can make even more bad choices on a daily basis.” All questions that will soon be answered once the feature is integrated. What do you think will come out of this? Only time and swipes will tell.