Triumph the Insult Dog Gets Some Input from Trump Supporters

In these intense social and political times, it’s always important to find the humor in things, and the top comedians of today have really taken the helm in terms of commentating on this tense atmosphere in a mostly positive way. One of the best at this is comedian puppet-dog, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who currently has his own Hulu show, Triumph’s Summer Election Special. Watch as Triumph sets up a fake political ad commercial focus group filled with your random, everyday Donald Trump supporters, as they give their input on efficacy of some experimental “Donald Trump for President” political ads. The spoof ads are filled with hilarious and unreal ideas, and it’s pretty clear that psychological group think among the participants takes action, because no matter how outlandish things get, the majority of people keep defending the ads as if they’re logical. Watch as this random panel approves of everything from human shock callers, to using entire houses to kidnap and deport a single person. And of course, the end of the focus group wouldn’t be complete without a phone call from a fake Donald Trump thanking the participants for their support. Check out the 15-minute vid below, and let’s just hope the real political ads this election cycle publicize don’t get this out of hand.

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