Troubled Ex-CEO Dov Charney Starts New Apparel Company

One of the most infamous stories to hit the fashion world was the firestorm that was Dov Charney’s exit from American Apparel. With Charney bringing the company to all-time lows in revenue, and facing a slew of sexual harassment lawsuits from several employees, American Apparel quickly sought to get the clothing game’s biggest clown out of their captain’s chair, which lead to his dismissal in 2014. Now, the former American Apparel CEO is launching his very own Apparel brand titled, “That’s Los Angeles by Dov Charney.” Teaming up with one of his few allies, venture capitalist, Chad Hagen (his name would be Chad….), the two look to gain success by claiming that the entire creation process, from cotton growth to fabric dying, is done in the United States. In some kind of attempt to be hip and cool (because Dov and the media clearly don’t have the best of relationship), the 47-year-old ex-CEO has taken to social media to provide all the information about the new brand. Details are real scarce, but Charney claims that That’s Los Angeles is, “[a] basics brand for men and women made in the U.S., with a focus on building out the wholesale business.” We have to admit, going back into the industry he was so hatefully removed from is a bold move for the sleeze ball, but we guess when you consider yourself “a bit of a dirty guy” (yes, that’s an actual quote from Dov Charney, himself), nothing is too off limits. How do you think Charney’s new line will fair? Check out a videos covering his controversies and odd creative process below.


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