Usain Bolt to Get His Own Documentary

Short distance, Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt, is easily one of the greatest athletic legends of our time. Coming from a country known for producing top tier runners, Bolt has floored the Olympic world with his consistent success, winning a whopping 9 gold medals in 3 different track events across 2 Olympic games. Since he has won so many medals and still holds the world record for the fastest 100-meter sprint of all time, people are starting to wonder if Bolt is going to overtake legendary musician Bob Marley as the world’s most famous Jamaican. If you’re not convinced, we’re sure that this trailer for Bolt’s very own movie will add to the debate.

Produced by Universal Studios, “I Am Bolt” is a documentary-style, full-length film that follows the training, competitions, and day-to-day life Usain Bolt partakes in as he continues to hold the crown as the world’s fastest man. If you don't know much about the man behind the shoes, the trailer details both his work ethic and his more human side simultaneously. You’ll get to see how hard Bolt trains day in and day out and the internal challenges he faces to be at the mountaintop of his field. Bolt’s almost as well-known for his competitiveness as he is his speed; being a showman and toying with his opponents before even the biggest of races. However, that aggressiveness on the track makes a flip when it comes to his character. When Universal approached him about the idea for the movie, Bolt insisted that if a movie was going to be made about his life, Universal had to employ people directly from Jamaica. Usain simply stated that he wanted to provide work for the people in Jamaica who needed it most. After hearing that, what’s there not to like about The Jamaican Lightning Bolt? Check out the trailer below and make sure to see what theaters "I Am Bolt" will be playing in when it comes out in November 2016!

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