Warriors Fans Get Caught Lie Witnessing

We see it every few years with sports teams that suddenly explodes in skill. Whether it be the Seattle Seahawks, The Florida State Seminoles football team, or everyone’s current favorite, the Golden State Warriors, bandwagon fans come out of the woodwork to claim their loyalty to the team with the best record. These fans are typically pretty easy to single out once you drop some basic roster questions that are dated at least 5 years back, but making up fake facts to catch them off guard is much more hilarious. This is the basis of Jimmy Kimmel’s latest installment of “Lie Witness.” Kimmel’s people caught some at-game fans shaming LeBron James’s Tasmanian devil tattoo, hoping Festus Ezili does well on his bar exam for law school, and being ashamed of Kevin Love for his positive test for urine. Just goes to that even some of the fans who have enough dough to go to an NBA Finals matchup, you still may be a bit short on your basic fan boy info…

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